Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coming soon to a cake shop near you!

This looks to me to be a copy of a plastic Elastolin figure, I bought it in a local baking shop last week and it is part of a set of cake decorations which mostly comprises copies of Britains Wild West series. This example stands (or lays) about 60mm in size and is made in a slightly bendy but acceptable PVC, it is clearly marked "made in China". While we all naturally abhore the practice of pirating or copying another companies products, would I like to see the venerable inheritors of the Hong Kong trade make copies of say..... the Elastolin Huns? You bet I would.


  1. Brian - I have a mounted Roman based on the Elastolin 40mils which Peter Evans kindly gave me, it was unmarked but he was sure it was made in Macau, I wonder if this is the same factory? I think that like HK, Macau has been 'handed back', so a switch to China marks would be normal?...

  2. Hi Hugh
    I don't realy know anything about Macau so I looked it up in Wikipedia, it certainly seems to be an interesting place, wot=rth watching out for in the future.