Thursday, 19 July 2012

Abu Klea and others by John Jenkins Design at the London Toy Soldier Show

John Jenkins Design have been around for a while but I don't recall seeing them at the London Show before, maybe they were there but tucked away in a dark corner.  Anyway last month they had a stand in a big bright area where I had expected to find my old friends from White Tower Miniatures and I have to say I was quite taken with some of their dioramas.

I assume this to be the Battle of Abu Klea because it depicts Mahdists rushing the Gardner gun manned by the Naval Brigade at the corner of the British square...........

.........but taking a closer look at the gun I think it looks more like a Gatling.  Still, a very nice piece of work which deserves better than a bit of nit picking from an old fogey like me.

Still in the Sudan we find this rather fine little vignette of Gen. Gordon's last moments at Khartoum.

And finally, the Highlanders storm the French lines somewhere in North America.

I don't collect modern white metal models like these but there are plenty of people who do so these few pics are for the benefit of those unable to travel to the shows, but also for those like me who need inspiration for conversion ideas and wargame scenarios.


  1. I didn't realize that Jenkins had gone to the Sudan. His F&IW figures are certainly beautiful if big and expensive.

    The battle looks like Tamai to me given the gully full of Hadendowah and the presence of the Gordon Highlanders. The Naval Brigade at Tamai was armed with a mix of Gatling and Gardiner guns, some of which were briefly captured by the "Fuzzies".

    The other Black Watch looks to portray the assault of the Black Watch on the breastwork at Ticonderoga. The assault that earned them Royal status despite its lack of success.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. Thanks for the historical input Ross, a couple of years back the Skirmish Wargames Group played a Battle of Snowshoes game using Jenkins F&IW figures and they are, as you say, beautiful figures.

  3. So glad you enjoyed our dioramas Brian and thanks for sharing these pictures.

    You might be interested to know that James and I are both long term wargamers and regularly put on games with our Jenkins collection, so we very much think of our dioramas in terms of 'what scenario are we depicting'.

    You are correct about the Gatling, well spotted, the diorama was a nod to the Newbold poem and we're still hopeful that a Gardner might be in the planning :)