Friday 17 April 2015

If only history lessons had been like this......

Every now and then it amuses me to Google the images for the search terms that have directed people to this blog and in the early hours of this fine Friday morning the Devil found such work for idle fingers, leading me to this fun piece of amateur cinematography:

It's the story of the Battle of Waterloo filmed as a stop motion video using 54mm toy soldiers, I thought it was great fun and enjoyed the soundtrack too.  It incorporates just about every Highlander figure you can think of and an impressive collection of Britain's Deetail French cavalry as well, while scanning the ranks to identify the figures used look out for the Lone Star Lone Ranger's horse Silver among the cavalry breaking on the Allied infantry squares.

I know that a lot of time and effort goes into making these films and I would love to have a go one day myself but in the meantime lets raise a Huzzah! to those fine spirits who make such works for our enjoyment.

With the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo fast approaching there is word that the Emperor has returned once more and is marching on a garden in England wherein the carnage will be renewed, albeit in reduced circumstances (54mm).  On that note I must away to dust off some Cuirassiers and Scots Greys.