Sunday 14 April 2013

H G Wells would have approved

My second and final report from the March 2013 London Toy Soldier Show are a couple of items built and being sold by an enthusiast for playing "Little Wars" (sadly I didn't make of note of who he was!)
The Nile gunboat "Bordien", I like the way the Britains AA gun has been mounted for'ard and the crows nest/conning tower thing on top of the aft mast, not so sure about the side paddle though.  Still a very nice model and one which has given me plenty of thoughts and inspiration for making my own waterline version.

On the same stall a heavy howitzer, simply made from the barrel and trail of the Britains 4.5" Howitzer with wheels from the 4.7" Naval gun which gives it the appearance of being something much heavier, it reminds me of those big WW1 Austrian Skoda guns.  It just goes to show what you can do with a few bits of broken old guns bought in a job lot on ebay.

And finally..........mention of H G Wells leads me neatly onto the Little Wars Centenary Games to be played out over the weekend of 27th/28th April at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  Sadly this event is not open to spectators or the public as Sandhurst is a high security military base but several of the participants are regular bloggers so hopefully we will see plenty of reports with photos after the event.  I shall be leading out my redoubtable Ottoman army and the games will be played outdoors so I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!


  1. My brother had a toy stationary steam engine, it would be just the thing to drive a paddlewheel.

    Good luck to you and the Turks at Sandhurst. How about taking of my old lads along to represent me? I look forward to seeing some pictures.

  2. Fear not Ross, the Emir's Guard and cavalry are already mobilised and packed to go.

  3. More interesting pictures from the Show.The Nile gunboat is tremendous.
    I'm at home today moving Army Red/White forward towards the Centenary Games. Who knows we might meet across the lawn,sorry Fields, of Mars?
    Let's hope the sunne is keeping her big guns for the last weekend in April...

  4. Many salaams the to fine burghers of Army Red/White from the felaheen of Army Turquoise.