Sunday 29 January 2017

Plastic Warrior Show 13th May 2017

The date for this year's Plastic Warrior Show has now been announced, it's Saturday 13th May 2107 at the same venue in West London, The Winning Post, that has been used for the past five years.  Here are the directions from an earlier post on the Plastic Warrior blog: Plastic Warrior Show directions

So make a note on your calendar and as you start to mark the days off, here are the last few pics I took at that other show in London

I'm going through a bit of a French & Indian Wars phase at the moment and having a very low attention span when it comes to uniform research I thought I'd use these superb Britains pieces to provide me with a colour guide when I eventually pick up the paintbrush.

I always find myself in deep water when it comes to non-uniform colour schemes like on these woodland Indians, but I have no shame when it comes to paying someone else the compliment of copying their ideas, so I expect that something very similar to these two fine chaps by Britains will soon be skulking on my wargame table.

......Oh and Vikings.  That's the other phase I'm going through at the moment, more fine figures from Britains.

I think this rather sombre diorama was on the King & Country stand but somehow it managed to absent itself from the previous post!

The colourful displays on the ATS (Alexanders Toy soldiers) stand are always a joy to behold, here our fine fellows fend off those pesky Bavarians.

More glorious colour from ATS, and here the French try their luck with the British Grenadiers.

Beautifully sculpted horses from ATS in this diorama of Parliamentary Horse charging during the English Civil War.

An finally, the other end of the ATS diorama shows the Royalist Horse in all their finery.

I am remiss in not mentioning earlier about the new forum/discussion board for those interested in wargaming with 54mm figures, it already has 75 members so take a look here: 

Sunday 1 January 2017

Well I didn't expect that!

I tend to think that blogging about "what I got for Christmas" is a bit naff but I'm going to make an exception this year.  I've long given up hope that Santa will bring me any toy soldiers so I usually ask him for a bottle of single malt, some colourful socks and world peace, this year I didn't get any of those...... but I did get this:

Mrs C had a photograph of one of my wargames made into a jigsaw puzzle and we have spent snippets of quality time over the past couple of days putting it together, a gentle fun way to enjoy toy soldiers together.