Saturday, 17 December 2016

London Toy Soldier Show - December 2016

Some more gratuitous pictures of toy soldiers taken at the recent show in London, the December show is usually the best one of the year as it attracts dealers who don't bother with the earlier ones.  I just noticed that the March 2017 show has been advertised as "Incorporating Wargaming" so lets hope that means we'll be seeing more of the Skirmish Group.  The show will continue in it's current venue, the Design Centre, Islington for the March and June events next year but in December 2017 it is moving to Haverstock School in Chalk Farm, London NW3.

Not sure who made these or who's stall they were on but I felt such nice models needed a wider audience

This  piece was labelled "Big Bertha" and was on the same stall as the diorama above, shame it doesn't fire matchsticks though!

This was the table of a dealer from France who only comes over for the December London Show, he brings such unusual pieces it;s always worth a good long look at his wares.  I was very taken with the Chinese flagmen, I don't know if they go with the rickshaws - clearing a way through the crowds for them but it looks like they are the same maker.

More of the table above, love those early tanks and the pairs of animals: tiger bringing down an antelope and cobra with mongoose, a bit gruesome perhaps but full of originality, made by "RF" France.

This rather nice Nile Gunboat was on the stall of Modellers Loft who mostly deal in Action Man and similar genre (as you can see from the boxes in the background) but I thought it worth taking the pic to inspire anyone who might be thinking of making one for themselves.

Other news: Dorset Model Soldiers had a stand under the auspices of Peter Jones who is taking over the mantle from Giles Brown, Giles is still involved but mostly in an advisory capacity and carrying out repairs to old figures.  The contact details and everything else remains unchanged, I had a long chat with Peter about an order I had sent in just the day before and found him very helpful so this augurs well for the future.

New to the show and new to me were Covent Garden Games who tell me they have had a toy soldier stall established in Covent Garden Market for 30 years!  I'm a fairly regular visitor to the Covent Garden area and I never knew of them so there's a reasonable chance that you won't have either and hence I'm giving them a plug here, nice young people, if you find yourself in Central London take a look in.

Also at the show was Andy Neilson representing King and Country Hong Kong, they had brought over some quite impressive dioramas which I'll try to get posted up before Christmas.

That's all for now folks.


  1. Delghtful! Thanks for sharing, next best thing and so on.

    1. You're welcome....and there's a little more to come....eventually!

  2. That Nile gunboat is super tasty isn't it?

    1. It is! and I've been promising I'd make myself one for many years...just one more project on the list.

  3. Hi Brian, Alessandro here from Covent Garden Games. Thanks for the mentioned and lovely to meet you. Please feel free to pop in and say hello next time you're in the area.

  4. Great stuff! You wouldn't still happen to own this custom Valentine Baker model? I saw it the other day while looking up models of Baker. I just finished a book on Baker set for release in May: