Saturday, 24 December 2016

King & Country at the London Toy Soldier Show 2016

As mentioned in the previous post, Andy Neilson had a stand at the show representing King & Country Hong Kong and here is what he brought over with him.

Wars of the Roses, beautiful figures made by John Jenkins Design, I wish I'd taken more pics.

A simple diorama that shows these figures off to great effect, I find these displays invaluable for uniform references and conversion inspiration.

At the other end of the board, the Royalists get a helping hand from Cardinal Richelieu  and his Mousquetaires?

This section of a Japanese aircraft carrier is massive, I can't imagine many homes in the UK being large enough to accommodate it! 

The inexorable march of the victorious Japanese (or are they limping away in retreat?) either way I thought the terrain effect were very impressive.

Another massive diorama, these are 60mm figures, Andy Neilson is standing behind it to give you an idea of the overall size.

A close up of the Russian advance......

.....and the desperate German rearguard.

With Christmas Day galloping up upon us may I extend to all, my Compliments of the Season, and wish you all the Peaceful and Restful few days that you have surely earned.


  1. Actually the Wars of the Roses figures are made by John Jenkins, not K & C.

    1. Thanks for the heads up David, I've amended the post.

  2. A Merry Christmas to you and your, Tony