Sunday, 10 April 2011

Seen at the London Toy Soldier Show in March

One of the rarest figures I've seen in a long time turned up at the London show, this diorama of Africn natives with a captured missionary who is destined for the cooking pot is made up using Cherilea Zulus but closer attention to the tree house shows that it contains the extremely rare witch doctor made by Speedwell. 

This little diorama has been awaiting a buyer for several shows now, it's very nicely done but not my thing and I couldn't bring myself to prise the witchdoctor off the stand so I left it for some other more deserving soul to add to their collection.

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  1. I had the Speedwell set as a child and still have a number of them. I need the two figures on one base which included captured white man. My friend Peter had them given to him by his mum, mixed with cowboys and Indians and they fought, allied to the same. Unfortunately, peter used to cut the base and hands of the paired figures to make two separate figures. They received many marble, elastic band and matchstick shots in various carpet and garage battles.
    I bought Peter's entire collection when he 'grew out of them'. James O'Connell (Quantrill's Toy Soldiers blog).