Sunday, 26 February 2012

Coming soon to a cake shop near you!

This looks to me to be a copy of a plastic Elastolin figure, I bought it in a local baking shop last week and it is part of a set of cake decorations which mostly comprises copies of Britains Wild West series. This example stands (or lays) about 60mm in size and is made in a slightly bendy but acceptable PVC, it is clearly marked "made in China". While we all naturally abhore the practice of pirating or copying another companies products, would I like to see the venerable inheritors of the Hong Kong trade make copies of say..... the Elastolin Huns? You bet I would.


  1. Brian - I have a mounted Roman based on the Elastolin 40mils which Peter Evans kindly gave me, it was unmarked but he was sure it was made in Macau, I wonder if this is the same factory? I think that like HK, Macau has been 'handed back', so a switch to China marks would be normal?...

  2. Hi Hugh
    I don't realy know anything about Macau so I looked it up in Wikipedia, it certainly seems to be an interesting place, wot=rth watching out for in the future.

  3. Hi Brian Your Indian figures are belong to set made for SIMBA playset originally in 90s and most are copies of Elastolin ,Briain and variation of some Merten poses .Your pose indian did not equire base and that is why not mark Simba as the base carry the logo .The SIMBA playset was done with two forts variation .SIMBA did another playset using different figures made specifically for SIMBA as well .
    Elastolin HUNS copies were done in and 90s first sold in bags distributed my German trade mark and SIMBA groups as well.i have several of then and post at stadsstuff
    I have complete set and photos of seal playset and blister or and bags of Indians ,cowboys if interested you may contact me .
    best regards Erwin Sell

    1. Thanks Erwin, the Huns sound interesting, I'll have to look out for them.