Monday, 14 May 2012

New Armies in Plastic at Plastic Warrior Show - May 2012

Showcased at the Plastic Warior Show were some new items from Armies in Plastic, artillery for the American Revolution and War of 1812 ranges.  The figures are not new but the guns are, a howitzer and a mortar plus a bonus - there was some spare room on the mould so they have made a small "dragon head" barrel which can be fixed to either of these guns to turn them into Chinese Boxer Rebellion cannon. 

Also on show were the Camel Corps artillery with figures in red plastic, I was just about to embark on the conversion of some camel borne artillery for my Funny Little Wars Turkish army so these will save me the bother.  In the bottom right of the picture you can also just aboout make out the new trench sections AIP plan to produce, they are made of foam and come in modular form so you can make a line of trenches as long as you like.

And here's the man who makes them, Tony Ciccorello (hope I've spelt that right) of Armies in Plastic.


  1. Wow AIP has some nice artillery! I'm still waiting for Civil War field pieces and crews ( I already have the write guns )
    The mortars and howitzers look great!

  2. Durn iPad!" Siege guns" I meant.

  3. Siege guns and crews would indeed be quite something to see.

  4. AIP Makes the wheeled 24 and 32 pounders which look good in forts but AIP doesn't have barbette and casemate carriages. THAT would be a good addition. If only they would make light CW field guns.

  5. Yes I would like to see those too