Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Winged Hussar Standard Bearer by PZG

PZG the Polish Union for the Deaf produced a lot of original and unique figures in their workshops to provide employment for deaf people.  Most were made a toys for children but some of the better ones were gilded, set on plinths and sold as ornaments for the tourist market.  The most spectacular set, to my mind, was based on the Polish army during the Great Turkish War of the late 17th Century, so far I have identified seven mounted figures: King Jan Sobieski, officer, standard bearer, trumpeter, kettle drummer, winged lancer and dragoon.

The standard bearer, showing the engraved detail of the flag, frankly I'm amazed this has remained intact through the years.

The horse is well sculpted in a rather elegant pose, the original plinth it was mounted on has been removed, I rather prefer it this way.

The armour and composite bow have a distinctly Mongol style to them.

Detail showing the armament, 2 pistols, long broadsword strapped to flank of horse, shorter sabre, shield and composite bow

I have only ever seen the King and the Lancer fully painted, the rest are always coated in gilt as shown above, I think this chap will be a contender for a repaint.  Such a shame they never made the Turks to oppose them.


  1. When might this have been originally made?

    The accuracy and quality of the figure is amazing. He could have ridden straight of With Fire & Sword.


  2. Hi Ross, PZG seem to have been most active during the late 60's to mid 70's but there is virtually no information on them. They made a lot of Warsaw Pact troops in 60's ish uniforms but much of their production was copies of Airfix which were'nt issued until the 70's.

    The sculpt of the horse looks a bit Erikssonish to me but that is just fanciful thinking!

  3. Yes, it is too bad about the Turks. The hobby could really use some! Other than Elastolin, in 40mm and 70mm, did anyone else make some?

  4. Hi CraigSpiel, the Elastolin Turks were copied by an Italian company called Cane (I think) and they came out about 60mm but still on the big side. Apart from that I can't think of anyone who's done them, it's the sort of quiky period that would appeal to Replicants, perhaps I'll mention it!

  5. I love the details on the figure! This will be a great addition to toy and figure collections. What's the height of this?

  6. Hi Katie, the figure is a standard 1/35th scale so the rider is about 54mm and the whole thing from hoof to tip of flagstaff about 150mm.

  7. What a stunning figure - static poses don't always work but this one does.

    The Cane Ottoman/Turk copies - been looking for this for ages but no luck - any ideas anyone please?

  8. Hi Mike, the Cane copies of Elastolin Turks do turn up at the London shows (particularly Plastic Warrior) but in dribs and drabs on the tables of the dealers that come from Italy and Germany. You could make enquiries with Dirk Donvil through the Little Wars Yahoo Group, he seems to have picked up quite a number for his 54mm Napoleonic Wargame project.