Friday 5 September 2014

Canadian conversion conundrum

Back in June I had an email from Jeff Chorney of the "For Honours Sake" blog to say that he was getting out of wargaming and would I like his collection of 54mm figures.  "Well of course I would but are your sure?" I asked.  Jeff explained that he had too many hobby projects on the go and needed to focus elsewhere, I guess we can all relate to that, so for just the cost of the postage I was please to take delivery of the following:

Possibly more than one unit here.  The numbering on the Union flag (XXVII) leads me to surmise that at least some of them represent the 27th (Inniskiling) Regiment of Foot but don't hold me to that.  I foresee these turning up in Crimean and Sepoy Mutiny scenarios that I've been mulling over recently.  I particularly like the staff officers in the foreground. 

Royal Horse Artillery?

I'm guessing that these chaps in top hats and variously armed are the Fenian Brotherhood or some such other rebels.

These chaps have me foxed, green tunics with yellow facings and dark grey trousers, does anyone out there have any ideas who they are meant to be?

And finally some local militia, no prizes for guessing the original figures they were made from but it's interesting to see the variety that can be achieved with little more than a head change and how a uniform painting scheme can make diverse figures look like a cohesive unit.

There is more but these are the units that I'm struggling to identify.  Jeff told me they represented the Fenian raids in Canada and the War of 1812, and were the work of Ross Macfarlane so I'm hoping to get a bit more background on them.  I was sad to hear that Jeff was leaving wargaming and closing down his blog but I'm grateful for his generous gift and at least I can assure him that they have found a good home where they will see plenty of table top action!

Oh, and my apologies for the rather naff title of this post.


  1. Glad to see these have had a soft landing. There's more 1812 available for the same price if anyone is interested. There were no takers on ebay last couple of times I tried, as was the case with these.

    These are from 3 projects I started in the late 20thC and abandoned about 9 years ago when I settled on 40mm.

    From the bottom. 1812 Kentucky Volunteers which also saw action as US 'Patriot Hunters' raidinging into Canada in 1837/38 (google Battle of the Windmill 1838 or Canadian Rebellion 1837.

    1812 Canadian militia (aka Marx Mexicans)

    1837 Upper Canadian rebels as well as Loyalist militia with white armbands. A real mix of plastic and homecast conversions inc a homecast Victorian lamplighter from Reb Castings with pike instead of ladder.

    RFA in South Africa Cape Frontier wars 1830. Part of a 2 gun, 2 limber battery. Imex ACW conversions iir

    In forage caps 27th Foot 1830's South Africa. . The marching figures ACW homecast converted for same campaign. In plastic CTA Nap British. The chaps in shakos are BMC Mexicans painted as British Marines in Canada 1837 part of an 8 or 12 man unit.
    The Staff officer with map (One of my favorite conversions ever) is a Timpo head on a BMC Gen Meade.

    Drop me a line if you want more info (or more figs). I also have a question for you and have lost your email so would appreciate that.

    cheers, -Ross

    1. Thanks for this Ross, I must admit I was rather banking on you to save me doing an awful lot of research on these, as it is I've already spent too much time looking for references to the 27th Foot in Canada and now I know why I couldn't find any!

      I'll contact you offline, Brian

  2. Supplementary. From my blog. Here are some shots of them in action in their glory days. The 1837 game got a "battlehonour" certificate at Cold Wars the year I ran it. Still on the wall with others.


    Actually that was a 4 part post with a few other photos and 2 video clips summarizing the rebellions.

    Some shots of the 54mm 1812 guys are in this post.

    1. And thanks for these links, they're great posts with super pics.

      Back to the figs: the staff officer with map is my favourite, it almost jumped out of the box when I opened it, simple yet genius. Now that I know the 27th are for South Africa it should motivate me to finish the 50 Zulus I've been dithering over for most of the summer.

  3. Great figures and I really hope you have fun with them. Shame about Jeff and I wish him well.

    1. I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Jeff in time, you can't keep a good man down!

  4. Wow Brian, talk about paying it forward! What a wonderful, generous gift that will be well taken care of for years to come! Excellent figures from periods that are not well covered. Early Zulu or Boer conflicts would keep me busy for a while! And the Canadian rebellion would make for an interesting and exciting wargame for sure! Thanks for the great post and pictures, I always enjoy them! Brad