Sunday, 10 January 2016

Figuren Magazin

The latest issue of Figuren Magazin hit the mat this weekend, it's the final issue for 2015 and I guess it got caught up with the Christmas post, nonetheless it's a very nice start to the new year.

Contents include:
Report on the 2015 International Toy Soldier Show at Bad Nauheim (I keep promising myself I'll try to get over to this show again each year)

The Berlin Humboldthain Flak Bunker - modelled in 1:24 scale

Review of CTS new plastic North Koreans

Composition Czech flag bearers made in the 1930's by a firm called Oexle (which are new to me)

Richard the Lionheart - character figures by Starlux from the French ORTF TV series

Three comic book heroes from Spain - Prinz Eisenherz etc.

"Every Sunday the Colts smoked" - a look at the Wild West figures spawned by all those cowboy series on TV in the 1960's

The Western Train made by Hausser (Elastolin) - it's origins (the prototype)

The Arabs by Timpo - more plastic colour variations

Reports on the Toy Soldier Shows in Herne, Neustadt, Altenburg, Wohlen and Hamburg

"Toy Soldiers in the Great War" an exhibition at the Museum Porte de Halle in Brussels - there's a PDF version of the booklet accompanying the exhibition which may be of some interest HERE

Book Review - Encyclopedia of the German Tinplate Toy Industry

A sample page of the Bad Nauheim show report, lots of pics and not much text, that's just how I like to see reviews.

Printed in German throughout, but easy to follow with lots of images.  A few too many show reports in this issue for my liking but hey, it's just as well to get them out of the way in one go.  In recent years there have been a lot of small firms setting up in Germany making 7cm figures in the style of the old composition but  made in resin and they only seem to show their wares at the German shows.   

A subscription of 4 issues costs 33 Euro to Europe or 39 Euro to Rest of World. More details here: Figuren Magazin


  1. Thanks for that Brian - a window into a similar, but different world.

  2. Similar toys, different world, same nostalgia; comic book heroes, Robin Hood and Bonanza!