Friday, 16 November 2018

London Toy Soldier Show

It seems I took these pictures at the London Toy Soldier Show in December 2017 and started a post but never published it, so here it is, nearly a year late but at least it serves as a reminder that the next show will be on Saturday 1st December 2018 more details HERE.  I can't remember who any of the makers of these figures are, but they are all regulars at the show, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

If you know who made any of these figures do let me know and I'll give them the plug they deserve.  I use pictures like this to to give me inspiration when it comes to making conversions and also for ideas on painting schemes so I hope it will be of some help to others too.


  1. One and Two look like First Legion Agincourt.

    Three looks like First Legion Woodland Indians.

    Four looks like First Legion TYW.

    Five looks like First Legion Mamluks.

    All 60MM.

  2. Thanks for this Rahway, and especially for the links. I took a look and the First Legion range is superb but Waaayyyy out of my budget! Their website is a great resource though for conversion and painting ideas, so I think I will be a regular visitor. I can't keep up with all the new metal production (or plastic for that matter) these days so thanks again for steering us in the right direction.

  3. My apologies for placing my inquiry here!

    The guestbook link, at least for me, is not operational.

    40 years ago my 2 best friends (we are still close lads and meet to attend the annual Chicago Toy Soldier Show each year!) with our weekly toy soldier battles included an amazing set of plastic mounted lancers.

    The right arms with lance in hand pivoted in the right shoulder socket (they were removable as well). They had removable capes too and wore piked helmets. We seem to recall the capes were white or red. My friend's father told us they were (correct or imaginative) "Belgian Lancers". They were 54mm scale if not slightly larger. We believe they were manufactured in the late 60's - early 70's.

    I realize this minimal information is not much to go on yet have my fingers crossed that you, Mr. Carrick, or perhaps enthusiasts participating in this amazing blog may assist us!

    Our ultimate goal is to ID, locate and buy these lancers that captivated us as boys playing toy soldier battles in our youth.

    Best Regards and love this blog and links! Richard Hill

  4. Hi Richard, thanks for your enquiry, sorry the guestbook link on my old website has not been operational for some time now and I'm not techy enough to be able to sort it out!

    Regarding your plastic lancers with spiked helmets, moveable arm and removeable capes, the only figures I can think of that match this description are the "Cavalry of the Guard of General Franco" made in Spain by a firm called Texido. There is a picture of them here:

    Let me know if these are the ones you are after. Best wishes, Brian

  5. Hello Brian, my apologies for my major delay (!) in replying to your post. I work at O'Hare International Airport and have been very busy with my job there.

    I am thrilled and appreciative beyond words!! After literally decades of trying to identify the lancers we incorporated into our weekly toy soldier battles, you completely solved our mystery!

    Indeed; our lancers were the Texido "Cavalry of the Guard of General Franco"!! Thank you for the link you shared too. The Texido toy soldiers are so very interesting that we will not only search for our lancers but begin collecting the sets they produced!

    Best Wishes, Richard

  6. Hi Richard, you're very welcome,glad I was able to help.