Friday, 21 August 2020

Eurofigurines, Figuren and Zinnlaube

 In the past few weeks these three magazines have arrived through the post, here are some more details:

I was particularly pleased with this issue as it opens with an article on TRIUMF a Belgian manufacturer of composition figures which I'd never heard of but they are the same figures as we had in England made by TAG, which I covered back in February HERE  The really useful thing is that this article includes a catalogue listing of all the figures they produced.

Other articles cover; Regiments of Saint Cyriens, 
Curiosities finds and photos, 
Washingtons Regiment by Elastolin, 
Elastolin water carriers, 
The Emperor and his Old Guard, 
Knights of the middle ages in aluminium by Krolyn of Denmark, 
Fox hunting figure sets, 
Pirates by Starlux and Cyrnos, 
Greek Hoplites by First Legion, 
Toy soldiers made in conjoint tin (part 4), 
Palmer (USA) Astronauts, 
and finally Arctic Explorers.

Opens with a report on the 2019 Nuremburg Toy Trade Fair, which seems to have a lot more of interest to toy soldier collectors and modellers than the London Toy Trade Fair does these days.  

It continues with; Italian Askaris of the Abyssinian War in composition, 
Wooden cut out figures of the German army made in 1930's in Czechoslovakia by Bata, 
Personality figures of the Czech President T G Masaryk, 
The composition figures of Durso (Belgian), 
The Three Musketeers, 
Wundertute (Lucky Bags) Landsknechts from Heinerle, 
Atlantic Longhorn cattle in 1:32, 
Lineol Zoo rarities, 
Timpo catalogues 1968 to 1979, 
Bricklayer made by Lisanto, 
The Siege of La Rochelle diorama, 
Latest Preiser catalogue, 
Timpo Toys Special Issue No. 3

This was previously the newsletter of the collectors group FAS "Freunde Alter Spielfiguren" but it has now become and independent journal, I don't know the reasons for the change of editorial team but wish them well.  Text is in German and English, and it's published roughly once a year, the theme for this issue is the 150th anniversary of the Franco Prussian War, articles include; 

Glasenapp's volunteer hussars at the Battle of Rotha 1762, 

Cinderella in tin and lead, 

Vignettes for the Death of General von Craushaar 1870, 

the search of Jager Tromm - Prussian Jagers in tin and lead, 

Civilian figure sets by Spenkuch, 

Prussian Staff before Paris 1870 by Haselbach/Rieche, 

British observation balloons in the Boer War, 

the Stewart Collection of toy soldiers at the Frazier History Museum in Kentucky

So all in all a lot of very varied articles to get through. 

Subscription details for all these magazines are on their websites so just give them a quick Google rather than have me bore you with the same old information time after time.

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