Thursday, 30 June 2011

Boer War limber mounted machine gun

I'm starting to realise that I have a bit of a "thing" for machine guns mounted in wagons, sadly this pic dosen't quite do justice to this rather nice piece seen at the London Toy Soldier Show last weekend. I believe it is made by Urugayian firm Hirart and depicts a yeomanry unit of the City Imperial Volunteers from the Boer War, there was another one painted up in the uniform of the Boer Staatsartillerie (I think - note to self, must make more effort to ask questions next time)


  1. Not Hiriart.

  2. Mike, yes you are right, don't suppose I'll ever know who made them now, how anoying!

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  4. This gun carriage would haven made a nice addition to my intended Boerwar British column. Never saw it anywhere else. You have a clue in the meantime?

    1. Sorry Marcel, never saw it before or since, maybe it was scratchbuilt or some sort of conversion, shouldn't be too difficult to make something similar though.

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