Tuesday 31 May 2011

A few more sailors

At top a pair of matelots scrub the decks in time honoured fashion, the one with bucket is a later soft plastic copy of a hollowcast figure by JSF (Jouets Standard Francaise) the chap with the broom is also French made by ACEDO, (Domage et Cie) who previously made aluminium figures under the name ALUDO.

Posing by the forward gun is an unknown French made naval officer with a landing party standing at the ready converted from Cherilea foreign legion with metal matelot heads from Dorset Toy Soldiers


  1. Hello Brian,
    your Acedo and JSF are very nice. For the Navy officer, I think to a plastic Quiralu (I've asked to a matter expert...). Your conversions are really cool.
    Sorry about your teeth...

  2. Brian
    I hope you are feeling better after the dental ordeal...
    Many thanks for advice here and at the Yahoo group. I fear blogger is a tad off at present.
    best wishes

  3. Hi Brian,
    I would like to make something similar. Have you still got the construction details?

  4. Hi James, I sort of made it as I went along so there never were any construction details but I will try to do a post on how it is made up. All the best for ACOTS, Brian