Sunday, 8 May 2011

Seen at the Plastic Warrior Show 2011

Dealer Steve Weston unveiled the new Sudan Camel Corps by Armies in Plastic at the Plastic Warrior Show in London yesterday. There are two poses, a trooper with slung rifle and an officer with binoculars, the set also comes with two different bagage camels. Very useful.
I was a bit cream crackered when I got back from the show yesterday so left posting until Sunday morning, I've looked in all the usual places on the net for details of the AIP Camel Corps set but can't find any mention of it so I have to keep checking the pic I took to make sure I didn't imagine it! (I'm sure I didn't)

I managed to pick up a few unusual bits for myself yesterday and will try to put some pics up over the next few days now that I'm starting to get the hang of this blog thing. Things got off to a bad start this morning when the pussies woke me with a little present, it seems they had noticed we were short of mice so decided to go out and remedy the situation, fortunately I managed an emerency casualty clearance before Mrs C awoke to the mayhem. However the day is improving, the alarm on my calendar has just gone off to tell me that I am supposed to be at Gatwick right now making a presentation at a conference for work (yes on a Sunday!), as I was informed recently that I am being made redundant at the end of June I decided the firm can whistle for it's presentation. I feel this was a good decision, and now I must go and make a cup of tea.


  1. Brian,

    Thanks for the pictures of the Camel Corps. They look very nice indeed, and are a strong impetus to start wargaming colonial conflicts in 54mm (although I will resist the temptation this time around!).

    Sorry to hear about your redundancy. I was made redundant back in 2001, so I know what an impact it can have on one. Since then I have been a contractor. My current contract ends in July, and is not being renewed. As I work in the public sector, this means that I am unlikely to work again ... but as I am 61 years old and in need of a rest, that is not such a hardship for me, but if I was younger, it would be.

    Good luck for finding a new job.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Bob,

    Tempted by 54mm Colonial wargaming? I suspect a part of you already knows you won't be able to hold out for long!

    Many thanks for your kind words and empathy, this will be my third time treading the path to redundancy so I'm a bit of an old grognard now, but I do feel greatly for my colleagues who are all much younger than me, with big mortgages and young families, who are facing the predicament for the first time.

    Regards, Brian

  3. Good Luck Brian.......-PJR