Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Unknown machine gunner

For a prone laying pose this figure is nicely animated, it's 54mm scale in plastic, I don't know who made it but it was sold by a Belgian dealer at the PW show so I think it's safe to say it's either Belgian or French, on balance the style of it suggests the latter to me.

Since writing this post the figure has been shown on the French Plastique Soldat 1/32 forum and the consensus of opinion is that it was made in France by Colorado.


  1. Hello Brian,
    maybe a Clairet...The camo looks like to the four soldiers I've put in the forum in the identification section:

  2. Hello Mathias
    Yes it could well be.

  3. Hello Brian,
    I've put some pictures of a laying ammo provider in the forum (Identification topic). Unfortunately he seems to not concord with this one.
    (fell free to borrow any pictures of the forum)

  4. According to a forum member it could be a Colorado (French manufacturer, but no more info on this firm)