Tuesday 6 March 2012

More Authenticast semi-flats - Holger Eriksson?

This is the second set of Authenticast semi-flats that I've unearthed, the standard bearer looks like an Eriksson design to me but I'm not so sure about the two arabs.  There is no indication what these are supposed to be on the box so I am assuming them to be arabs but exactly where from and what period I couldn't say for certain.  The standard bearer has a very Ottoman look to him and I think he may have lost a bit off the top of the standard.

I'm not sure if it will show in the photo but the green standard above has a Union Jack engraved on it so i'm guessing tht this figure also did service as a sepoy at some other time in some other set.

The mounted figures are in scale with the foot but I think  the horses might be a tad small.  Eriksson is probably best known for fine sculpting of his horses and to me these don't cut the mustard on that score so either they were done by someone else or they are very early examples before he refined his skill.


  1. i think they are he because of the bases, can i use images

  2. These are absolutely delightful. I hadn't realized that Authenticast did 40mm. Now I have the urge again to paint some Arabs!


  3. Hi Ross, i never cease to be amazed by the scope of Authenticast or the talent of Eriksson. Brian

  4. Splendid ! Thought I'd seen about everything Holger Eriksson has done but these are something new to me.


  5. Hi Steve, since making this post I've been contacted by a collector friend in the US who tells me he has the same box but with 40mm flat 1904 Russian infantry. You just never know what's going to turn up next! Brian

  6. These figures are older than the Holger Eriksson range.
    They are sligtly modifed figures from about 1910 first manufaktured in Stockholm by "Gamla Santonska Tenngjureiet" then moulded in slate moulds.
    Authenticast slightly modyfied these figures and made rubbermoulds for them.