Saturday, 7 April 2012

40mm semi-flats by Holger Eriksson for Authenticast - confirmed

Hidden in the bottom of the junk box I bought at the London Show last weekend were more of the 40mm semi-flat Authenticast figures that I recently blogged about, and here they are:
There are three of each pose shown above but sadly no box, I'm not usually bothered about boxes and frankly the whole concept of something being better or more valuable because it's mint and boxed just grinds my gears but in this case the absence of a box leaves me with more questions than answers.  With the previous sets of 7YW infantry and Arabs all the places in the boxes are filled so I know that they are the full set complete with individual portrait figures of standard bearers etc.  In the case of these new figures I'm left wondering if they are both from the same set or separate sets of WW2 British infantry and Sikhs, also were there any other poses?  However what I do know this time is that they were definitely sculpted by Holger Eriksson, apart from the unmistakable poses and chiseled finish they are marked HE under the base.  Semi flat figures are not every bodies cup of tea (not mine either really) but discovering these unexpectedly in a box of junk gave me a moment of pure serendipity.


  1. Hi Brian

    I would imagine they are from two different sets, he usually stuck to one uniform type per set 6-8 figures (although some of the SAE sets of Napoleonics have more), I'll try to find them in my master list...


  2. Brian -

    could be;
    E803 - Indian Army Charging (7 figures)
    E816 - English Infantry Marching, Route Step (?)


  3. Thanks Hugh, you have a master list?

  4. That marching infantryman has a striking resemblance to some homecast 54mm Highlanders that I have.

    I assumed they were made from SAE figures but recently Mike Tabor at Historifgs started re-releasing some Scruby 54mm ACW and the marching figure could be the same fellow with a change of clothes. Some of the 40mm figures bear the HE look esp the charging cavalry & infantry and it is my understanding that HE was amongst the sculptors that Scruby used in his ranges.

  5. Ross, I have the 54mm marching highlander you mention made by Autheticast in Ireland back in the 1940's. Eriksson seems to have designed figures for a number of companies, I hadn't heard about Scruby using him but it would make sense