Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fontanini figures seen at the London Toy Soldier show March 2012

I spotted these figures made in Italy by Fontanini on one of the tables at the London Show and couldn't resist taking a few pics. The foot figures turn up quite often but you rarely ever see the mounted ones, they are a bit on the smallish side being about 50mm but I particularly like the rather animated poses.


  1. Nice photos. I couldnt make it to the show, as I'm stuck in the Loire valley being forced to attend daily wine-tasting/buying sessions (sometimes twice a day). Tomorrow, though, I get to visit the Musee des Blindes at Saumur and ogle all the armoured vehicles there.

  2. It sounds like a tough job but I'm sure you're the right man for it. Hope we'll get to see lots of photos from the museum on your blog when your return?

  3. Fontanini was in the table of saimextoys from Italy